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Candle Basket by Burnt October

Item Number: 2449
Category: Featured Items
Retail Value: USD $86.00
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USD $45.00

Winner: 7egcb
Minimum Bid Increment: USD $5
Donated By: Burnt October


Work Hard, Paraffin Harder!
Enjoy the wonderful aroma with beautifully crafted Candle Basket by Burnt October.
The basket includes:
- Chai, Chai Baby 8oz
- Fragrance Oil - Smitten in Sedona
- Car Diffuser - Somebud-Y to Love
- Cowboy Hat Incense Holder
- 2 Wool Dryer Balls

.At Burnt October, their candles are created with 100% Natural Soy Wax, Sustainable Wooden Wicks made from sappy fruit trees, and fragrances that are free of Phthalates. With every candle that is purchased, a plant seed tag is included. These tags are included because they encourage you to repurpose your candle vessel as a planter once you are finished fully enjoying your candle.Beside these amazing candles, Burnt October also carries diffusers, oils, linen sprays, and some other great home items. Burnt October items can be found at the following establishments: Arizona:- Painted Tree Boutiques, Scottsdale- The Collective, Chandler Fashion Center- Cero Tucson, Tucson- Nosh Tucson, Tucson

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